Hip Hop.

Let’s have fun with rhythm and funky movement.

★★ Hip Hop with Revelino ★★

Hip Hop 1 ( 7-9 y.o.)Tuesday: 17:00-17:45
Hip Hop 2 (10-12 y.o.)Tuesday: 18:00-18:45
Term5€ Trial 15/Sep. Course 22/Sep. – 15/Dec.

★★ Hip Hop with Sejla ★★

Hip Hop Teens ( 11-15 y.o.)Thursday: 18:00-19:00
Hip Hop Fusion (15 y.o.~)Thursday: 19:15-20:15
Term5€ Trial 10/Sep. Course 17/Sep. – 17/Dec.
  • Each class has strict limitation of number of students.
  • Previous reservation is recommended to keep your place.

5€ Trial Hip Hop 1 15/Sep.5€ Trial Hip Hop 2 15/Sep.5€ Trial Hip Hop Teens 10/Sep.5€ Trial Hip Hop Fusion 10/Sep.Hip Hop 1 22/Sep.~Hip Hop 2 22/Sep.~Hip Hop Teens 17/Sep.~Hip Hop Fusion 17/Sep.~

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