To dance under Covid-19 situation

Protocol to re-start activities.

This protocol is addressed for both; students and teachers of DANCE FACTORY.

As usual, we start trimester course after a “Trial Lessons”. To participate them, students need to reserve (limited numbers). Also for the first day of the trimester they are recommended to arrive 15´ or 20´ in advance to fulfil the registration form, so we all can start the lesson on time.

1º- Quantity of participants:  the number of participants of each lesson will be limited. The number will be determined for that each participant can keep their space to use as minimum 3m2.

2º- Protection: each participant should join the class with their own hygienic elements (masks, gloves, sanitizer, etc.) also the school will provide them if it is necessary. Also the person with Covid-19 related symptoms would be asked to not join the class.

3º- the access and dressing room:

  1. To enter the school: students should arrive at the school about 10 minutes before the lesson in order to be able to enter the school in an order.
  2. Schedule of the courses: the time table of courses will be staggered to make each group of students be able to enter in order. So, they can move without unnecessary contact.
  3. Clothes and other personal elements: we ask to students to come properly dressed for the lesson. In order to reduce the use of dressing room. It is possible to use to the dressing room if they keep security conditions and social distance.
  4. To enter the classroom: the students should enter the room and keep social distance.

4º- To go out: the exit from school should be done in order, to avoid crowds both on the stairs and at the exit.

Under “Post- COVID-19 pandemic” situation, the school (DANCE FACTORY) will do its best to provide a hygienic and safe environment. Also we appreciate your cooperation.

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