Belly dance

Exotic music and sensual movement are fun and good exercise to make curvy body.

★★Summer Intensive W.S.★★

BeginnersSat. 5/Sep. 13:00-15:00 (Except absolute beginner)
[Technique and Combinations]
IntermediateSat. 5/Sep. 15:15-17:15
[Energy Variations]
Tariff30 euros/person.

★★Course Sep. – Dec. 2020 ★★

BeginnersMonday: 19:00-20:00
IntermediateMonday: 20:15-21:15
Term5€ Trial 7/Sep.  Course 14/Sep. – 14/Dec.
  • Each class has strict limitation of number of students.
  • Previous reservation is recommended to keep your place.

5€ Trial Belly Beg. 7/Sep.5€ Trial Belly Int. 7/Sep.Belly Beg. 14/Sep.~Belly Int. 14/Sep.~W.S.Belly Beg. 5/Sep. 13hsW.S.Belly Int. 5/Sep.15hs30

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