1. Before you come.
    • As we need to limit the number of students more strictly, it is necessary to reserve your place for each class you join. (Through mail , Through website or At the reception.)
    • If you feel Covid-19 related symptoms, please stay at home.  (The person with symptoms would be asked to NOT join the class.)
    • Please bring your dance shoes with cleaned sole. 
    • Reservation for couple dance should be as a couple.
  2. When you arrive.
    • Please make sure to wear the mask.
    • Please leave your street shoes and change to shoes for dance at reception.
    • Sanitizer will be prepared at the entrance.
    • Please sanitize your hands before you enter to the dance floor. 
  3. During the class.
    • Until 8 students or 6 couples are allowed to join a class.
    • Please keep social distance each other.
    • Air conditioner will be used for ventilation.
    • The mask should be wearied whole time. 
    • Change of partner will not be asked.
  4. After and others
    • Please sanitize your hands when you leave the school.
    • Please inform us in the case you are tested positive. 

Under “Post- COVID-19 pandemic” situation, team DANCE FACTORY will do our best to provide a hygienic and safe environment.  Also your feedbacks and information are always welcome.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, and have a nice day.


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