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We are happy to present workshops by Lux DMotion.

The teacher: Sabrina LALOE

Friday 1st Feb. 19:30-21:30: HEEL Dance
Saturday 2nd Feb. 15:30-17:30: Modern Dance


28 euros/class, 50 euros/2clases.
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Enclosing the best of pop, funk and hip hop cultures but still preserving the elegance and control that are typical of modern dance, Heels will give you the opportunity to explore yourself in a complete different way, enanching your self control, sensuality and stage presence… of course with your heels on!


Modern dance is born in opposition to ballet in order to encourage the developmend of new dynamics wihile mantaining the purity of thecnique. Modern dance evolves with people and is strongly affected from social and cultural changes. The key is the perfect merging among fluidiy of movements, technique and contamination giving to the dancer the opportunity of a full and satisfactory self expressio